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NovaDB 4.0

Latest updates in our web application increase efficiency and user experience in information management and e-commerce

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, where the accurate management and attractive presentation of product information and content is critical to success, Noxum is pleased to introduce NovaDB 4.0. This major update has been specifically designed not only to increase work efficiency and improve usability, but also to respond to the complex challenges of digital commerce. Discover the multitude of benefits that NovaDB 4.0 offers to facilitate and optimize your daily work. Set new standards in information management and your e-commerce together with us!

Würzburg, February 29, 2024 - Noxum GmbH, a specialist in information management and e-commerce solutions, is proud to announce the latest updates to its advanced web application NovaDB. These updates are specifically designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of information management professionals, simplifying the management of complex data sets while optimizing the online shopping experience for end customers. At a time when accurate information management and ease of use are critical to success in a wide range of industries, these developments mark a significant step forward.

Significant improvements for information management and smooth e-commerce operations:

  • Web UI Optimizations: Improved duplication functionality of objects now ensures a seamless workflow and efficient product catalog management, for example.
  • Extended access from the application dashboard: New direct access options to essential functions such as favorites and recently used items make it easier for online retailers, for example, to quickly adjust their product offerings and efficiently manage inventory lists. The optimized layout enables fast and intuitive navigation, which leads to considerable time savings in day-to-day business operations.
  • Enhanced media content management features: The improved handling of Binary Proxy Objects ("digital twin of binary data") including preview and download options, simplifies the management of product images and videos, a critical factor for appealing product presentations in e-commerce.
  • Touchscreen optimization: Adaptation to mobile devices ensures that e-commerce managers can effectively manage their web stores on the move.
  • Improvements to dialogs and forms: New functions support a dynamic product catalog design and enable flexible adaptation to specific sales strategies.
  • Innovative drag & drop functionality: This enhancement affects changes and search results and facilitates, for example, the quick organization of product lists and promotions, enabling an agile response to market trends.
    Enhanced search functions: The optimized search supports effective product discovery and selection, which simplifies the management of extensive product catalogs. Specifically, the search functions have been significantly improved with customizable search filters, advanced search filters for mixed searches and a new type-ahead feature.
    Innovations for developers: The updates offer new integration options and improved security features that ensure a robust and flexible platform for the development of e-commerce applications, for example. Specifically, these include the use of the Razor API or the Delivery API in jobs, as well as improvements in security and flexibility in job management.

These updates underline Noxum's commitment to providing advanced solutions that support companies in information management and e-commerce in their efforts to work more efficiently and offer an outstanding shopping experience. We are convinced that these enhancements will have a significant impact on the e-commerce industry and significantly increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

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