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An XML content management and editing system for many business areas  Noxum Publishing Studio

Noxum Publishing Studio is an XML-based component content management and editing system for demanding tasks in the areas of web portals, product information management, technical communication, e-business/payment processes, mobile web and media asset management.

Global competitiveness through efficient information management and future-proofing thanks to XML standards and workflow.

Single source and cross-media publishing

Using various clients and editors, editors can capture content in the content management and editing system in a media-neutral way, manage it centrally in a database and publish it in the required formats and media channels for specific target groups via integrated publishers.

External content, such as technical product data, media assets, supplier documents, training documents, parts lists, legacy data, etc. can also be imported from various sources and further qualified in the content management and editing system.

Effectiveness through modular working methods

Content is summarized in information units in the content management and editing system, which can be recombined again and again. This avoids redundancies and creates structure. The required information is compiled from a central data repository and output in the desired target format.

Intelligent information management as a global competitive advantage

The Noxum Publishing Studio content management and editing system can therefore be used in a wide range of business areas and sectors and forms the technological basis for companies planning to gradually introduce and develop information management infrastructures.

Sophisticated translation management and authoring support, as offered by Noxum Publishing Studio, enable companies to take advantage of the opportunities offered by globalization, while optimizing costs and keeping them under control. Further savings in translation costs can be achieved by linking translation memory systems such as SDL/Trados or Across.

Features and benefits of Noxum Publishing Studio

  • Integrated XML editors
  • Form-based editing of XML content
  • Validation of XML content (schemas/DTDs)
  • Workflow, role and rights management
  • Increased document quality thanks to a high degree of content standardization
  • Cross-divisional use of standardized content due to central data management
  • Future-proof data based on international XML standards

Web-based access to content from the Noxum Publishing Studio content management and editorial system

Noxum webShare / webEdit

webShare - Access content from anywhere

Noxum webShare is a web application for global access to media content (assets) and PIM content in the Noxum Publishing Studio. The focus here is on being able to make the content available via the web, e.g. at trade fairs or at the customer's premises. Access to the content is read-only. All content can be downloaded. This enables selective further processing of e.g. product features in conjunction with the associated assets, such as product images, videos or marketing documents in the form of PDFs. In addition, PowerPoint® files can be made available in the Noxum Publishing Studio for translation purposes and exported back into the associated application.

webEdit - Edit product information from anywhere

Noxum Publishing Studio webEdit is a web application with the functions of webShare, which offers the additional option of editing PIM content.


  • Access
    PIM objects, media objects and PowerPoint® objects can be accessed from the Publishing Studio.
  • Search
    A sophisticated metadata and filter concept with content-related search criteria and a full-text search ensures that users can access the desired objects quickly and securely.
  • Global product information
    PowerPoint® files can be uploaded and exported for translation
  • Roles + rights management
    Target group-specific assignment of rights and roles. You decide who can see which content
  • Export functionality
    Media download of feature values and images is possible via watch lists so that they can be further processed in the appropriate quality and resolution
  • Usability
    Quick access to objects in the web application is supplemented by additional functions such as my favorites, watch lists or recently used objects.
  • Localization
    Change of interface language and display of language-dependent content (characteristic values, linked files)

Interface for imports, exports and remote control

Project-specific connections to external systems and databases

The API for imports, exports and remote control makes it possible to import data from external sources such as ERP systems and databases into the Noxum Publishing Studio or export data from the Noxum Publishing Studio. This data is transferred to the system in a consistent, qualified and valid manner and can be seamlessly processed and refined for publication.

Benefits and advantages at a glance

  • Secure legacy data transfer
  • Import and export of valid master data
  • High performance even with large amounts of data
  • One-time data maintenance
  • Simple connection of external systems
  • Access to XML data via web service
  • Project-specific connections to external systems
  • Access from external systems to Noxum Publishing Studio functions
  • Connection of external smart and thin clients
  • Open API
  • Customer-specific adaptations possible
Nutzen und Vorteile im Überblick

Noxum Publishing Studio brochure

Technical Communication - Web Systems/Web Portals - Product Information Management - Cross Media Publishing

A content management and editing system for all areas of the company

Whatever the objective in the company, the creation of a new user manual, the updating of existing product catalogs or the management of the Internet/Extranet - the most important thing is to be able to concentrate on the project itself without being distracted by secondary issues. You can do this with Noxum Publishing Studio - regardless of whether you need to manage technical product information or drive the e-business concept forward.

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