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Knowledge transfer for the automotive industry Audi Knowledge Tank - Service and training portal

Audi uses the "Audi Knowledge Tank" (AKT) to efficiently train its service employees. This knowledge management system enables individual access to training information and customized material compilation. The content is provided via Microsoft Azure and managed centrally in XML, which optimizes training processes in the automotive industry.

Audi Knowledge Tank - Service and training portal

Noxum GmbH implemented this Audi Global Service Training Portal with its content delivery solution in Microsoft Azure.

Service depends on highly qualified employees and readily available information. The qualification process for service employees, sales specialists and technicians must be particularly efficient, especially in the automotive sector, whose brands are measured to a high degree by service quality: Audi Service Training follows a clearly defined training concept: this includes

  • Training on the vehicle on site and worldwide
  • Audi Service TV
  • Web-based training or e-learning
  • Training modules
  • Self-study programs
  • Certification programs

The data and information from these different information sources are recorded in the Audi Knowledge Tank and made available in various formats over several project phases (web, PDF, PPT, WBT). Technicians and service personnel at Audi service partners worldwide can search for relevant content for the respective vehicle type using a modern full-text search and narrow it down using facet filters. From this, each user can compile their individual documentation online or offline and collaborate with colleagues.

For content delivery, a hybrid web-mobile concept for scalable delivery of the information modules with Microsoft Azure is used, which is designed for the constant expansion of future professional and technical requirements. The data is maintained centrally in XML in the Noxum content management and PIM system in a media-neutral format. In addition to the multiple use of the content, the maintained object dependencies enable the intelligent linking of related information modules, e.g. videos, WBTs, self-study programs with training modules, qualification paths, assemblies and vehicle models.

The portal is currently being rolled out and is already being used for integrated digital training in the AUDI AG technical training concept: both for training on the vehicle during importer training and for self-study as part of train-the-trainer concepts.

Noxum: Content delivery solutions and cloud computing with Microsoft Azure

20 years of experience in content management, extranet, intranet and mobile apps flow into Noxum's content delivery technology. Dynamic portals and content platforms can be implemented with Noxum standard software and modern web technology. Noxum and customer software can be integrated for online and offline distribution. Noxum has expertise in online systems and the delivery of multi-media data as well as cloud computing in Microsoft Azure from major projects with Porsche and Stiftung Warentest as well as other reference customers.

eLearning Award 2024 for AUDI and Noxum in the knowledge database category

The Audi Knowledge Tank - knowledge database 2.0

Modern "one-stop store" for knowledge and training at Audi

The automotive industry is in a state of upheaval and the need for skills development and knowledge transfer is correspondingly great in order to keep pace with global competition in the future. With this in mind, AUDI AG has developed the "Audi Knowledge Tank", an innovative knowledge database and learning platform with Noxum technology, with which the company provides a modern response to the complex requirements and needs of employees worldwide.

As one of Germany's premium car manufacturers, AUDI AG has an extensive wholesale and retail network. For many years, Audi has offered a comprehensive knowledge database with company-specific information and training formats and documents to inform and qualify its wholesale and retail employees, who range from sales specialists to technicians and service personnel. In recent years, however, the requirements for modern learning environments have evolved rapidly, due in particular to the influence of generations Y and Z and technical innovations. For these reasons, there has been a growing realization that the previous knowledge platform is no longer up to date.

Idea for the innovative e-learning portal: With this in mind, AUDI AG launched the "Audi Knowledge Tank"
(AKT) project, which aimed to develop a central knowledge database that would enable employees to find and use specific information, training content and training media from Audi easily, quickly and accurately. Noxum GmbH implemented this Audi Global Service Training Portal with its content delivery solution in Microsoft Azure.

Learning needs
In order to achieve this overarching goal, a whole series of specifications and sub-goals were defined for the project. The platform to be created was to serve as a central collection point for data and training materials used as part of Audi Service Training, including worldwide on-site training courses, Audi Service TV, web-based training and self-study programs.

Particular attention had to be paid to the usability of the Audi Knowledge Tank in order to enable users to use it in a simple and targeted manner despite the thousands of pieces of information and content. In addition, AR and VR content was to be developed as supplementary learning tools. AR was to be used for interactive tasks, such as searching for intersections of car bodies, while VR was planned for both linear and non-linear, explorative approaches with specific objectives.

Audi's focus in the project was on wholesale and retail employees who were already familiar with the previous system. Complementary to this, the target groups of Audi Service Training, which will be offered via the new portal from now on, were also to be addressed, which includes service employees, sales specialists and technicians at Audi and Audi service partners.

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Audi Knowledge Tank: Knowledge means knowing where something is written

Technical article by Mark-Oliver Hector

The "Audi Knowledge Tank (AKT)" web application enables its users to find and use AUDI AG training content and training media easily, quickly and precisely. This central knowledge database serves to effectively and efficiently qualify and inform employees in wholesale and retail.

An ever-growing wealth of documents and information does not make it any easier for learners today to find exactly the answers they need at any given time. Not only is the growing product portfolio expanding to include new vehicle models and technologies, but new media technologies are also increasing the variety of information available to our target groups. The result would actually be that users need more and more time to sift through ever-increasing amounts of data. And this in a working day that is generally already sufficiently stressful and offers too little time. If this is compounded by the complex and unintuitive usability of an application or website, acceptance is likely to be lost.

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