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ECLASS classification as a standard for your products and services  NovaDB ECLASS Business Portal - The quick introduction to ECLASS classification

Do you need to provide product-related documents in a structured form to support your procurement and sales processes in eBusiness? Classify them according to ECLASS and get started with cross-company interoperable data exchange!

What you gain with NovaDB

ECLASS plays a decisive role in e-commerce and e-procurement. Through standardization and uniform classification, it enables the smooth exchange of product data. This makes procurement and sales processes more efficient, improves interoperability between companies and increases data quality. As an internationally recognized standard, ECLASS facilitates global trade and promotes collaboration across industries. Stay competitive and get started now!

  • Accelerate the mapping of classifications
  • Transparency for procurement and sales processes
  • Savings through reduction of procurement costs
  • Increased quality thanks to the classification check function
  • Flexibility for recoding catalog structures
  • Customizing allows classification at different levels of article groups.

ECLASS Business Portal powered by NovaDB

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Maximize your competitiveness and efficiency

  • Efficient business processes: ECLASS enables structured classification of product data, leading to efficient procurement and sales processes.

  • Cost savings: The interoperable data exchange and standardization of product descriptions can reduce costs by reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.

  • Increased productivity: The ECLASS Business Portal powered by NovaDB offers simple and intuitive data entry screens that enable products and services to be classified quickly and effectively.

  • Competitive advantage: The use of ECLASS enables better collaboration with suppliers, customers and partners, which can lead to a stronger positioning in the market.

  • Future orientation: ECLASS is an internationally recognized standard and lays the foundation for future developments in the field of e-commerce and Industry 4.0.

Efficient product data classification with the ECLASS Business Portal powered by NovaDB

  • Simplified product data classification: The ECLASS Business Portal powered by NovaDB offers intuitive data entry screens that allow users to easily and conveniently classify their products and services according to ECLASS.

  • Time saving: By using the ECLASS Business Portal, users can save time when creating and managing product-related documents as they can access standardized product descriptions and classifications.

  • Effective data exchange: ECLASS enables interoperable data exchange across companies so that users can easily collaborate with suppliers, customers and partners, regardless of their internal systems and data formats.

  • Error minimization: The uniform structure and naming of product data in ECLASS reduces errors in communication and interpretation, resulting in higher data quality.

  • Flexibility: The ECLASS Business Portal allows users to classify their products and services from any location via a web browser without the need to install special software.

  • Continuous improvement: The ECLASS Business Portal enables versioning and change tracking of product data so that users always have the most up-to-date information and can track changes to the data.

  • Improved collaboration: By using ECLASS, users can collaborate seamlessly with other departments, suppliers and customers, all based on a common language and structure.

Your IT will love NovaDB ECLASS Business Portal

  • Modern technology: NovaDB is based on the MACH architecture (microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native, headless), which is agile, flexible and future-proof. This enables CTOs to use modern technologies and design their system landscape accordingly.

  • Scalability and resilience: As a cloud-native application, NovaDB offers elastic scaling of highly available resources, giving CTOs the ability to easily adapt their infrastructure and minimize downtime.

  • Simplified integration: NovaDB enables easy connection to existing systems and applications through standardized interfaces (APIs). This allows CTOs to exchange data smoothly and integrate different tools and services seamlessly.

  • Efficient development: NovaDB offers a low-code development platform with pre-built and extensible application packages. This enables CTOs to reduce the cost and complexity of development and implement projects faster.

  • Future-proof: By using NovaDB and the MACH architecture, CTOs can ensure that their systems are state of the art and meet the requirements of the digital world. NovaDB supports the use of modern technologies and enables seamless adaptation to future developments.

Overall, NovaDB offers CTOs the opportunity to make their IT systems agile, efficient and future-proof by benefiting from the advantages of the MACH architecture and the flexibility of NovaDB.

Future-proof and ready for new challenges

ECLASS Business Portal powered by NovaDB for the classification of your products and services

The integration of ECLASS standards into a Product Information Management (PIM) system such as NovaDB is a strategic decision that offers far-reaching benefits for companies in e-commerce and e-procurement. The use of ECLASS for the standardized and structured classification of product data significantly increases data quality and interoperability. These advantages are fully exploited in the PIM system, also known as product information management. Here, the standardized data can be efficiently managed, updated and optimized for various sales channels.

The symbiosis of ECLASS and Product Information Management (PIM) leads to improved internal data management and optimizes external communication with suppliers, partners and customers. This results in more efficient procurement and sales processes, a reduction in manual effort and a minimization of errors. Overall, the integration of ECLASS into a PIM system creates a robust foundation for digital transformation and enables companies to be agile and competitive in the ever-changing business environment.

Using intuitive data entry screens, you can classify your products and services according to ECLASS easily and comprehensibly from anywhere using a web browser. Your IT does not have to install anything. ECLASS as a service! Ask for our brochure!

NovaDB is a web-based CMS platform for flexible information management and helps you to implement your digital visions quickly and without complex programming.

Mass data maintenance, data import, mapping to ETIM with Microsoft Excel Add-In

In addition to maintenance in NovaDB, you also have the option of importing your data to NovaDB via Excel. This is a convenient way if, for example, you want to import a large amount of your data into NovaDB. With our Excel add-in it is also possible to map and classify your product data, which has already been classified according to ETIM for example, according to ECLASS.

BMEcat for electronic catalogs and e-procurement systems

BMEcat is the established standard for the electronic exchange of catalog data. With just a few clicks, you can use NovaDB to transform your ECLASS-classified products and services into the BMEcat standard. This data can then be conveniently exported to e-procurement systems. NovaDB helps you to remain competitive. Various versions are supported: BMEcat 1.1, BMEcat 1.2 and BMEcat 2005. Make an appointment for a presentation!

Marketing support with Noxum Plugin for Adobe® InDesign®

The Noxum Plugin for Adobe® InDesign® enables designers in advertising agencies, printers, publishers or marketing departments to combine valid ECLASS data from the ECLASS Business Portal with individual layouts directly in InDesign®. The implementation of the Noxum plugin for Adobe® InDesign® equips the layout program with functions that allow users to access ECLASS Business Portal content directly from InDesign® and retain control over layout and typography. Users work in InDesign® as usual. Make an appointment for a presentation!

ECLASS Business Portal shows its strength in combination with ECLASS application packages

We have already prepared ECLASS application packages for you! If you purchase the license for ECLASS Standard, we can provide you with the ideal maintenance interface. Read more about the ECLASS application packages in our technical article in IT&Production

Version control and change tracking at a glance

With the ECLASS Business Portal powered by NovaDB, you have your processes under control. The system automatically creates versions in which changes to product features, for example, are logged. The user can compare versions with just a few clicks. Changes are highlighted in color, enabling the user to view them quickly and clearly

Talk to our consultants if you would like to find out more.

NovaDB - Process optimization through Kanban boards

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Kanban boards for optimized collaboration

Publish better content with workflows

Kanban boards have established themselves as essential tools for efficient teamwork and continuous process improvement. They enable a clear and transparent presentation of the entire course of the project. They not only make it easier to manage individual tasks, but also ensure that sources of error are significantly reduced through the use of role-based workflows and clearly defined deadlines. Whether it's planning or publishing content, with Kanban boards you benefit from increased flexibility and reliable process security.

Consistency and collaboration in one central location

Use Kanban boards to define specific workflow states and roles. This ensures that all team members and process participants are informed about the current status at all times without having to leave the "NovaDB" platform.

Ensure maximum process security

It is crucial to ensure that any errors or unauthorized contributions do not go unnoticed. With Kanban boards, you can set clear role assignments and deadlines so that everyone knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

Create and approve content efficiently

With the ability to define different workflows for different types of content or products, you can involve specialized subject matter experts. They can not only create content, but also evaluate and approve it.

Flexibility and clarity in every situation

The role-based workflows of Kanban Boards enable teams to maintain an overview at all times, no matter how complex or variable the requirements are. This allows you to adapt to any situation and always work efficiently.

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