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Noxum Plugin for Adobe® InDesign® enables direct access to XML editing system Noxum Publishing Studio Content before Layout vs. Layout before Content ... however the user likes it!

Noxum Publishing Studio provides a plug-in for Adobe® InDesign®, enables direct access to the XML editorial system for marketing materials with up-to-date data and individual layout. Process reliability and cost efficiency are guaranteed.

Deliver excellent marketing materials with up-to-date product data to your customers and partners.

The Noxum Plugin for Adobe® InDesign® enables designers in advertising agencies, print shops, publishing houses or marketing departments to combine valid data from the XML editorial system with individual layouts directly in InDesign®.

The implementation of the Noxum Plugin for Adobe® InDesign® equips the layout program with functions which allow users to access all text and image content in the Noxum Publishing Studio directly from InDesign® and retain control over layout and typography. To do this, users work in InDesign® as usual. The Noxum plug-in can be used to call up functions for finding images and text content in the Noxum Publishing Studio and transferring them to the layout program.

Interaction between Product Information Management (PIM) and Adobe® InDesign®

If the PIM component has been added to the Noxum Publishing Studio, users can also access product data and, for example, transfer article characteristics to InDesign®. Characteristics are often mapped in tables which can also be placed on InDesign® pages. If images, text content or product data change in the editorial system, the frame content of the corresponding InDesign® documents can be automatically updated with all changes. Likewise, the language exchange of content is possible at the push of a button.

In this way, products such as flyers, brochures, posters, catalogs, package inserts, etc. can be created just-in-time in Adobe® InDesign® in all variants with greater process reliability.

Features and benefits

  • Direct access to all text and image content in the Noxum Publishing Studio XML editing system
  • Content can be found via search dialog or tree navigation
  • Content- and layout-driven page creation using a mixed technique
  • Cross-domain use of valid XML content for layout-oriented content refinement depending on the output medium
  • Professional single source publishing through strict separation of content, structure and layout
  • Process reliability and cost savings without restricting the creativity of the specialist departments

Noxum Plugin for Adobe® InDesign® Brochure

The extension for Adobe® InDesign® enables connection with the Noxum Publishing Studio, emphasizing "Content before Layout & Layout before Content". It makes it easier for marketing and creative departments to create documents efficiently by reusing content, especially XML-based editorial systems. Companies can use it to offer designers easy access to editorial system content. Request the complete PDF via our contact form!!

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