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Headless Product Information Management System (PIM) as Software as a Service  Precise modeling for convincing product portfolios

NovaDB Product Information Management (PIM) is your central platform for efficient product data management and communication. It maximizes the potential of your data, accelerates market entry and improves the customer experience through tailored information. Optimize internal processes and strengthen customer loyalty as your key to sustainable business success.

NovaDB: Product Information Management (PIM) redefined!

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and companies are always looking for more efficient ways to manage their product information. NovaDB is coming to the fore as the ultimate PIM partner for modern businesses.

Seamless product information integration

In a world where data often remains in isolated silos, NovaDB promises a paradigm shift. Through intuitive data capture and advanced integration tools, NovaDB ensures your product information is always synchronized, updated and ready for market.

Deep modeling for accurate product portfolios

NovaDB enables organizations to go far beyond simple data management functions. Through customized modeling capabilities, NovaDB gives companies the freedom to structure and present their product information exactly the way they want.

AI-led product information optimization.

In today's digital era, it's not enough to just have information; it must also be optimized. With built-in AI tools such as GPT and DeepL, NovaDB enables companies to automatically generate, translate, and optimize their product information to ensure the best market presence every time.

Cost efficiency and agility

NovaDB, as a SaaS solution, eliminates high capital and hardware costs and offers a transparent fee model. Cloud deployment enables rapid customisation, keeping businesses agile and competitive. Overall, NovaDB's SaaS model provides an economical, flexible and future-proof headless PIM solution.

Future-proof and scalable

In a dynamic business world where products and markets are constantly evolving, NovaDB offers a PIM solution that grows with you. Thanks to its flexible architecture, NovaDB allows companies to easily scale and adapt to changing market requirements.

Conclusion: A new era of PIM with Headless PIM System NovaDB

At the intersection of technology and business needs, NovaDB offers a PIM experience that is unmatched. For businesses that want to lead in the digital age, NovaDB is key.

Future-proof and ready for new challenges

The NovaDB Delivery API: Your enabler for the next e-commerce era

Choosing the right backend is crucial to running a highly scalable website with an embedded store. It should be powerful, efficient, reliable, allow real-time scaling and updates, and seamlessly adapt to the dynamic environment of digital business. At NovaDB, we have taken these aspects into consideration and offer a customized solution with our pioneering Delivery API. Our Delivery API scores with fast performance, scalability and adaptability and helps you transform your online business.

Speed is the key

In our fast-paced world, the slightest delay can cost a potential customer. That's why we've optimized our delivery API to deliver millisecond response times. So your customers enjoy a seamless user experience on your website, regardless of the complexity of the underlying processes.

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Optimized for scalability and availability

Each instance of our Delivery API functions autonomously. So you're on the safe side even in the event of an unexpected increase in traffic or disruptions in the network. Your website will always stay active and performing, thanks to the high scalability and availability of our API.

Real-time updates

In today's e-commerce environment, the need for real-time updates is no longer optional, but a critical factor for business success. Our state-of-the-art delivery API is specifically designed to ensure the fast and efficient distribution of millions of product information. The system can deliver near real-time updates on pricing, product specifications and blog posts.

Flexible content-branching function

With our delivery API, you can use content branching, which enables parallel retrieval of different content versions. Your team can work on different content versions without affecting the live version. This makes it easy to test new features or content before it goes live. 

Compatibility with RESTful and GraphQL 

Whether you use RESTful or GraphQL for your API calls, NovaDB has the right solution. Our delivery API supports both technologies, giving you the ability to get the most out of your backend infrastructure while ensuring your digital offerings are optimally aligned with your users' needs."

NovaDB support: ETIM, ECLASS, BMEcat and UNSPSC

NovaDB is a product information management (PIM) system designed to optimise and simplify the handling and organisation of product information. It is particularly effective in supporting various industry standards and classification systems such as ETIM, ECLASS, BMEcat and UNSPSC.


Standardisation and Classification: NovaDB supports ETIM, a standardised classification system used primarily in the construction, heating, air conditioning and electrical industries. It helps to communicate product information clearly and consistently.


Comprehensive Product Categorisation: ECLASS is supported, which enables the systematic categorisation of products and services, improving interoperability between different business units and systems.


Electronic Product Catalogue: By supporting BMEcat, NovaDB promotes the exchange of structured product catalogues between manufacturers and buyers, helping to improve e-business processes.


Global Classification: NovaDB also supports UNSPSC, a global cross-industry classification system suitable for a wide range of sectors, including IT, health and education. It enables simplified sourcing and analysis.

Through this support, NovaDB facilitates the integration, management and exchange of product information by ensuring compliance with these widely used standards and classification systems. This promotes efficiency, accuracy and consistency of product information shared within organisations and with business partners.

Kanban boards for optimized collaboration

Publish better content with workflows

Kanban boards have established themselves as essential tools for efficient teamwork and continuous process improvement. They provide a clear and transparent view of the entire project process. They not only facilitate the management of individual tasks, but also ensure that sources of error are significantly reduced through the use of role-based workflows and clearly defined deadlines. Whether it's scheduling or publishing content, with Kanban Boards you benefit from increased flexibility and reliable process reliability.

Unity and collaboration in one central location

Use Kanban Boards to define specific workflow states and roles. This ensures that all team members and those involved in the process are always informed about the current status without having to leave the "NovaDB" platform.

Ensure maximum process reliability

It is crucial to ensure that any errors or unauthorized contributions do not go unnoticed. With Kanban boards, you can set clear role assignments and deadlines so that everyone knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

Create and approve content efficiently

With the ability to define different workflows for different content types or products, you can bring in specialized subject matter experts. They can not only create content, but also evaluate and approve it qualitatively.

Flexibility and clarity in any situation

Kanban Boards' role-based workflows enable teams to stay on top of things, no matter how complex or variable the requirements. This allows you to adapt to any situation and always work efficiently.

The future of PIM is intelligent: NovaDB and AI Integrations

The advanced architecture of NovaDB PIM

NovaDB PIM's advanced architecture is designed to enable easy implementation of new features and requirements. This flexibility allows the system to be seamlessly extended with cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced AI tools. This includes, for example, the integration of GPT for automated content creation, DeepL for high-quality translations, and LanguageTool for advanced text validation and correction. This way, you can be sure that your PIM system will be able to cope not only with current requirements, but also with future ones.

Personalization through AI

The integration of GPT into NovaDB PIM represents a milestone for efficiency in e-commerce. This technology accelerates content creation and thus relieves marketing and product management. Automated generation of personalized content for diverse customer groups increases both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Personalized content increases the relevance and thus the attractiveness of the offer. All in all, automation using GPT in NovaDB PIM makes a decisive contribution to optimizing operational processes and effectively achieving strategic goals in e-commerce.

Printed and digital publications

Quality and consistency

In the field of PIM and e-commerce, the quality and consistency of product information plays a crucial role. The integration of AI technologies, in particular LanguageTool, ensures that not only the marketing content, but also the product descriptions and attributes are available in the highest quality and consistency. This is essential to gain customer trust and make the online shopping process smooth. The LanguageTool automatically checks grammar, style and consistency, minimizing manual revisions. As a result, this integration not only supports content quality, but also helps increase efficiency.

AI-driven data optimization in e-commerce with NovaDB

The integration of GPT in the NovaDB PIM system offers retailers a revolutionary solution for extracting and managing product information. Especially in e-commerce, companies are often faced with the challenge of extracting product data from differently structured supplier documents and preparing it for sale on online marketplaces. With GPT integration, relevant product data can be automatically identified, extracted and standardized from a variety of unstructured text sources. This automation relieves product managers of time-consuming, manual tasks while improving data quality, making the entire product information management process more efficient and error-resistant.

Classification of your products and services according to ECLASS

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