Noxum Publishing Studio - Overview

Enterprise Content Management

Technical communication – Web Systems/Web Portals/E-Business - Product Information Management - Cross-Media Publishing. A Content Management and Editorial System for all industries.

Product life cycles are becoming ever shorter and the variety of products and services on offer is growing all the time. In this era of increasing globalization, documents must be made available extremely quickly and must be up to date at all times.

This is where the Noxum Publishing Studio with its XML-based content management system can help. The Noxum Publishing Studio is a content management and editorial system for all business areas – for technical communication, web systems / web portals, product information management or cross-media publishing. Its major strengths really come to the fore when it is required in a number of these areas at the same time.

The main advantage offered by the Noxum Publishing Studio is its unique level of integration density throughout the documentation cycle. All functions which are of relevance to the documentation process are offered on a single platform. For example, the system allows you to compile content in a structured XML format, manage the content of specific objects and publish documents effortlessly in a wide variety of formats. The software suite offers a sophisticated translation management system and workflow support for your work. It can also be seamlessly connected to external systems. Thanks to the extraordinarily modular software concept, the system can be individually tailored to meet your needs.


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