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Noxum offers innovative information management solutions. Our products optimize content management, standardize product information and increase efficiency in business processes. Companies become fit for the digital age.


NovaDB from Noxum is revolutionizing information management in the business world. As a platform, it destroys data silos and unifies data sources for a complete information view. It offers more than just management: with pillars such as modeling, capture, processing and delivery, it provides customized business solutions and intuitive integrations. From headless CMS, supported by MACH architecture, to content offloading via APIs or formats such as PDF and Word, NovaDB optimizes any business process. Learn more!

Noxum Publishing Studio

The Noxum Publishing Studio is an XML-based content management and editorial system which is suitable for many areas of a company. It allows content, including external data, to be managed centrally and published in various formats for specific target groups. The modular mode of operation avoids redundancies and offers flexibility. With features such as translation management and authoring support, it helps companies achieve globalization and cost efficiency. Learn more!

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