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Starting position for the example of the automotive industry

Global service and Training Portal for all service-oriented Industries

The exponential growth of the technology reinforces the demand for the optimization of further training processes for technical trainers,sales trainers, support, service consultants, mechanics or salespeople.

Würzburg, July 11, 2022 - The range of technologies and new features such as electronic sensors, on-board computers, entertainment systems, LEDs, LASER lightingsystems are growing at high speed. Keeping up with all the innovations and the impact of product launches is a major challenge for the service:

In the service area, however, different programs are often used for different user groups or markets. What is missing is a common portal in which users can find the precise information in the right language on their respective device according to their roles and rights.

It is not enough to prepare the service manual as a document in different languages digitally. Users must have a combination of intelligent search engine functions, meaningful metadata and information-related facet filters at their disposal for rapid information research

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