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New times in product communication in e-commerce at Festool GmbH

NovaDB supports minute-by-minute updates and real-time content delivery to display accurate information at all times

In the dynamic market and online shopping, Festool, manufacturer of premium power tools, is at a decisive turning point. With the transition to a digital-first strategy and the expansion into the direct-to-customer (D2C) market through the Festool online store, the question arises: How can efficient and agile product data management be achieved that also enables fast online portal updates via high-performance data delivery?

Starting point

Festool was faced with the challenge of increasing data volumes and real-time delivery for its online systems: The increase in video content, detailed product descriptions and higher resolution images led to a significant increase in data volume. In e-commerce, it is essential to update data very quickly in order to always provide correct information. However, updates in the portal took up to 3 days and required the involvement of many stakeholders.

Würzburg, February 8, 2024 - Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and editorial systems, presents its new project with its long-standing partner Festool GmbH, in which NovaDB is used as a data hub and data management solution in the e-commerce sector.

Festool, a family-owned company with 24 national subsidiaries and over 3000 employees, pursues the goal of making professional craftsmen successful and proud. The focus is on the customer. The challenges in this dynamic market are manifold, in addition to supply bottlenecks and a change in communication. The modern customer expects an "always-on" mentality, which has prompted Festool to develop a future-oriented e-commerce strategy.


In view of these challenges, Festool formulated specific goals for a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience for its customers:

  • Significantly speeding up portal updates
  • Preparation of data for all channels
  • Strengthening the specialist trade as a strategic partner through various data deliveries that are created specifically for the requirements of the trade (such as ERP master data and data feeds for all common online store formats).


NovaDB has proven to be a flexible tool with great potential for retrieving and processing data in order to master the growing challenges in the dynamic e-commerce environment for Festool. Especially with regard to delivery to international markets, NovaDB has made a decisive contribution to improving website performance as a problem solver.


This project demonstrates the importance of a well-thought-out data management strategy and the crucial role that a modern data management solution such as NovaDB can play.

It should be noted that web content management systems (WCMs) are not ideally suited to the rapid provision of complex product information. For this reason, Festool opted for NovaDB for efficient data provision.

Find out more about the goals, plan and implementation of the project in the full case report, which you can request using our contact form!

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