Technical Communication - Features


  • Creation and optimization of templates and designs for customized documentation and information products
  • Consulting in the implementation and support of global, site-transcending editing processes
  • System-wide monitoring of legal requirements, general norms and guidelines for technical documentation
  • Consulting and implementation of consistent modularization and structuring of information units
  • Media transcending publication
  • Development of interfaces to upstream and downstream systems

Documentation types

  • User manuals
  • Product descriptions
  • Texts for proposals
  • Texts for offers
  • Test and measurement literature
  • Sales documentation
  • Training documents
  • Reporting and support documents
  • Stocklists
  • Data sheets/catalog
  • Help systems

Output formats

  • Microsoft® Word®
  • Microsoft® Excel®
  • Adobe® PDF/A, PDF/X
  • Adobe® FrameMaker®
  • Adobe® InDesign®
  • HTML Help
  • HTML5
  • E-Book
  • XML

Norms, standards & methods

  • DocBook
  • DITA
  • Funktionsdesign®
  • Information Mapping®
  • PI-MOD
  • ANSI Z535.6

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