Cross Media Publishing - Overview

Automated publications geared to specific target groups

CMS-supported efficient and effective cross-media publishing.

Automated publications geared to specific target groups

The days when documents and information modules were published only in printed form are gone. Nowadays, they are published across a range of different media such as the Internet and Intranet, in PDF format, on CD-ROM or for use on mobile devices. Transferring content to e-procurement solutions or converting it into standard formats such as BMECat is just as important for cross-media publishing as it is for product information management.

What is needed for efficient and effective communication

As far as single-source publishing is concerned, there must be a simple way for editorial teams and companies to exchange information objects. These objects must also be easy to update. Company data from external systems, e.g. SAP, are seamlessly integrated into the processes. Noxum has a wealth of experience of working with established DTP systems or their server components, particularly when it comes to automatically generating printed media.

Thanks to our many years' experience of carrying out cost-benefit analyses on behalf of our customers, the CMS-supported management of multilingual publications with the Noxum Publishing Studio is an important tool for reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


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