Noxum Content Delivery

Content Delivery – a Concept for Global Service Portals

Excellent Service through target group-oriented Information Delivery

Content Delivery as a concept and Content Delivery Portals as operational tools have in recent Years become the epitome of the situational, user-related provision of process-relevant information and documents.

For the end user, finding and consuming critical content must be "easy." The focus here is on secure and fast online access to content.

We have summarized All these Claims in the Noxum Secure Infoportal.

Global Service Portals

There is enormous potential in the service business and industrial companies are increasingly realising the strategic Importance of the services. The aim is to establish a professional service as an essential differentiator in international competition.

Service history, error database, documentation, knowledge about spare parts availability, etc., are an excellent service: The knowledge must be made available to the service in a targeted manner.

Noxum standard software and state-of-the-art web technology implement dynamic Portals and content platforms. Noxum and customer software can be integrated for online and offline production. An example of this is Audi's Global Service Training Portal.

"Solutions like these are interesting not only for the automotive sector, but for all companies that need service portals (for end customers, technicians, sales) and/or those that want to run service training."

Norbert Klinnert, CEO Noxum GmbH

Easily find and securely access relevant information

  • Browser-based, intuitive Interface
  • Full Text Search – The Search is possible based on full text content or document metadata, such as language, authors, and skip on pages or topics.
  • Facet filter- search settings can be saved and the filters can be called up again

Save Costs

  • Quick access to the Information saves users a lot of time they don't need to invest in searches.
  • The intuitive usability of the portal saves users processing time.
  • Supporting processes in marketing, sales, service and customer care
  • As a cloud solution, there is no need for an Installation and Infrastructure of one’s own.


  • Branding according to corporate design
  • Custom Apps of different operating systems
  • Selecting suitable authentication methods

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