Noxum WebAccess - Overview

Browser-based platform for centralized access to web-based enterprise applications

Different web parts - a navigation concept

Noxum WebAccess is a web-based administration platform for centralized and mobile access to web-based enterprise applications and their data sources. A well-arranged and modern front end helps authorized users to navigate between different web parts and start them using a unified navigation concept. Whether in sales, marketing, product management, customer service or in the press office, the employees are supported in complex and decentralized program and process steps by Noxum WebAccess.

System-transcending management of access and user rights

High security with reasonable effort in the management of authorization processes is at the core of every online application. Therefore, much emphasis was placed on an integrated and centralized identity management during the development of Noxum WebAccess. Various authentication methods such as Active Directory, ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services), Microsoft ID, Yahoo, Google Login, Facebook Login or on the project side any other custom process can ensure that only authorized users gain access to Noxum WebAccess. The authorization for the individual applications is also performed through Noxum WebAccess. For this reason the Noxum User Management was integrated as a separate web part. Administrators thus obtain a convenient tool to define roles and rights directly in the browser and assign these to users in a few clicks.


Noxum WebAccess is also available as a Cloud-System. In Windows Azure, the Cloud platform from Microsoft, Noxum WebAccess can be automatically and centrally managed, maintained and upgraded. The installation runs hardware-independently, and updates can be distributed quickly and efficiently. Companies benefit from central installation and identity services as well as seamless connectivity to existing infrastructure.


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