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Websites in the Microsoft Cloud

Noxum provides consulting for websites in the Microsoft Cloud

Increased website traffic or massive traffic surges means “heavy labor” behind the web interface. Enormous server capacities are needed to compensate for fluctuation and temporary peaks. Cloud websites release companies from the limitations of server hardware.

Würzburg, June 13, 2013 - The Noxum GmbH, service and software provider for Cloud solutions, supports companies operating their websites in the Windows Azure Cloud.

Enterprises, publishers and online merchants must keep their portals and websites online 24/7 with current contents while maintaining high safety standards. Performance and speed are especially in demand with high traffic websites. Cloud websites are optimally tailored to meet these demands.

Companies can use cloud computing to keep their websites highly available. Processing power to compensate for the traffic fluctuation or temporary peaks in volume must no longer be held in reserve. Redundant hardware in company-internal server rooms is no longer necessary. Additional processing power is simply booked as needed.

For information about how the efficient solution for the website in the Cloud works for a company and how the website can be moved to the Windows Azure Cloud – consult with the certified Noxum team.