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Volker Römisch, Head Consulting, Noxum GmbH, is now a certified iiRDS consultant.

Using expertise in iiRDS Consulting at Noxum

What does that mean for you and your company? How can you benefit from his knowledge and expertise? Find out more about iiRDS, the iiRDS Consortium and the iiRDS Consultants Pool in this press release.

Würzburg, Germany, May 15, 2023 – Noxum GmbH, a specialist in content management and editorial systems, is pleased to announce that Volker Römisch is now a certified iiRDS consultant and is authorised to advise on the subject of iiRDS.

iiRDS, short for intelligent information Request and Delivery Standard, enables the provision of intelligent information - independent of different industries and manufacturers. The standard acts as a mediator between manufacturers and customers: manufacturers can provide various customers with the required usage information in a standardised way, and customers in turn can easily integrate information from various manufacturers into their systems. This is achieved through the underlying standardised metadata, which makes content semantically accessible and enables documentation content to be exchanged and used across manufacturer boundaries.

To become a certified iiRDS consultant, members must provide various proofs of their competence. These can be: a long-standing involvement in the iiRDS consortium or one of its working groups, successful completion of the iiRDS training or own applicable iiRDS projects in their company.

Noxum is one of the founding members of the tekom iiRDS consortium. Volker Römisch from Noxum GmbH has been active in the Steering Committee of the iiRDS consortium and in the Content-Tools-Validation working group since the beginning and thus fulfils the criteria for the iiRDS consultant qualification.

The iiRDS consortium has developed a comprehensive competence framework for certified iiRDS advisors. The criteria defined in the competence framework ensure that iiRDS consultants have a reliably comprehensive knowledge of iiRDS on behalf of the iiRDS Consortium.

The iiRDS Consultants Pool is the perfect resource for companies seeking expert knowledge for their iiRDS projects. The certified iiRDS consultants have the knowledge and expertise to provide support and advice for your iiRDS project.  

Volker Römisch looks forward to working with you and help companies with their iiRDS projects.