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Export of product data from the PIM- and content management system from Noxum

Targeted export of product data

Companies need to create diverse and individualized product publications as quickly as possible and execute mass data exports as well. The product data export must be simple and exact. The Object Data Export Editor is available to support the product data export from the PIM and content management system Noxum Publishing Studio.

Wuerzburg, March 18, 2016 – Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and editorial systems, has developed the Object Data Export Editor for the flexible export of product data from Noxum Publishing Studio and successfully deployed it at its customers.

Use of the product data

Product data must be easily usable for its many applications. Noxum offers a simple solution for migration and publication purposes with the Object Data Export.

The user gathers the data needed for a concrete publication purposely and individualized and exports it. The formats Excel, CSV, XML and BMEcat are available. Based on these project-specific formats can also be realized.

Product data exports for the many repetitive publications are especially quickly available: The Object Data Export configurations are saved in Noxum Publishing Studio. The data export can thereby be quickly repeated.

If new information, new tables or more images to certain products should be shown, then the additional product information can be specifically exported from the PIM system.

Intelligent settings support the targeted export:

  • Editor for rule-based determination of the output volume of an object data export for object data (start objects, object relations and conditions) from Noxum Publishing Studio.
  • Reuse by administration of object data exports as separate objects
  • Settings for objects, object values, and object relations as well as specifications for each object type about which features are to be exported, define the behavior of the export of the PIM data.
  • Export Preview by means of a preview function integrated into the editor which provides a glimpse of the objects and object values contained in the object data export.
  • Output Formats – Ready-made publication processes for the various output formats. Almost any project-specific output formats are possible. Besides PIM data the output of binary data (images) is also possible.

For more information please contact the Noxum-Team to receive, for example the Whitepaper to Noxum Object Data Export Editor, or further information.

By the way: similar to the Object Data Export, Noxum offers a corresponding Object Data Import for Noxum Publishing Studio. More information about this can be found in this Press release.