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Successful implementation of a PIM system at PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik GmbH in 6 weeks

Partner cooperation as the key: Project success with NovaDB

PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik GmbH, an innovative family-owned company with an established presence in the cleaning technology sector since 1974, decided to redesign its website.  

Würzburg, October 30, 2023  Noxum GmbH, a specialist in content management and editorial systems, successfully implemented NovaDB PIM at PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik. 

Starting point

A central aspect of this redesign was to present the products in an appealing and clear manner for their B2B customers as well as to enable an efficient product search. The tight timelines for the relaunch required a fast and reliable solution for managing the product data. The decision to implement a product information management (PIM) system was based on the need to accelerate product data provision, ensure efficient translation processes and traceability. 

Decision for NovaDB PIM from Noxum GmbH

In cooperation with PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik GmbH and the consulting company Inbeso Consulting GmbH, NovaDB was selected as the appropriate PIM system. NovaDB met almost all of their requirements right away, without the need for extensive programming. The PIM system fulfilled their wishes for easy updates of data and information, traceability and translation. 

Volker Römisch, Senior Software Consultant, Noxum GmbH, summarizes:

"NovaDB's intuitive operation, combined with a strong focus on API integration, was centralin PFENNIG choosing our solution. Our understanding of their specific data structures and requirements was crucial. A special feature we offer in projects is the accompanying coaching. It enables PFENNIG to independently handle everything from configuring product structures, creating product groups, data formats, data entry masks to adding individual product details." 

Implementation and realization

NovaDB's SaaS structure allowed for a speedy implementation without complex installation processes. NovaDB's Excel plug-in played a decisive role in the transfer of the existing product information. With the help of this plug-in, PFENNIG employees were able to independently import their 16 product groups and the associated product data into NovaDB.   

The headless architecture of NovaDB PIM enabled seamless integration of the product data into the new website. As a result, the agency commissioned by PFENNIG for the web presence was able to access the product data in NovaDB directly after a short training session in order to use it for the website. Another highlight of NovaDB PIM was the automatic generation of product data sheets, which are now available directly on the website. 

Internationalization and cost efficiency

A decisive added value of the implementation of NovaDB PIM at PFENNIG lies in the automated localization and translation of product data. The integration of DeepLeliminates the need for separate translation processes, resulting in both significant cost efficiency and efficient provision of product data for international customers. 

Quote from Maria Hörner, PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik GmbH

"The PIM solution with NovaDB exceeded our expectations. The flexible cooperation between PFENNIG's product management and Noxum's consulting was crucial to the success of the project. We achieved a central sourcefor all our product information, from which we can generate data sheets and feed the website in a completely automated way. It was a partnership approach that focused on our requirements and goals. We look forward to continued collaboration and further development of our PIM." 


NovaDB has been engineered for scalability right from the outset and is expandable in both scope and functionality. It supports various output channels and formats, and allows for the integration of authoring tools as well as cutting-edge AI technologies like GPT. This ensures that NovaDB can adapt agilely to future market requirements. Additionally, NovaDB can be interfaced with other third-party systems, such as ERP solutions, to fully leverage its capabilities as a data hub. 


By implementing NovaDB PIM, PFENNIG was able to realize a central and clear management of product information in time for the relaunch of the website,   

  • provide an automated localization and translation of product data,  
  • integrate a powerful product finder into the website and   
  • enable the fully automated creation of detailed product data sheets. 

About PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik GmbH

Over 40 years of growing know-how and constantly developing expertise have made us what we are today: the established specialist for manual cleaning in cleanrooms, healthcare and buildings. PFENNIG Reinigungstechnik is therefore a preferred and always reliable partner because we focus exclusively on what we do best: manual cleaning equipment. 

With our innovative, high-quality and durable system solutions, we offer efficient, hygienically safe cleaning processes at all times. At the same time, our resource-saving systems also ensure CO2-reduced use. 

Everything from a single source: You can get individual solutions from others. We, on the other hand, develop and manufacture modularly designed complete systems and advise you holistically, precisely tailored to your requirements. Our innovative system solutions convince through perfect functionality. 

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