Noxum GmbH

Noxum offers consulting on software distribution in the Cloud solutions of Microsoft

Software distribution the easy way

Distributing software in the company network, maintenance of programs and updates are common tasks in the IT departments. They require time – a lot of time, which in view of the ever more complex user software and ever more frequent updates often is unavailable. For this reason companies are concerned with the optimization of the processes for software distribution. New concepts from Cloud-computing provides solutions.

Würzburg, September 20, 2013 - Noxum GmbH, Service and software provider for Cloud solutions, offers consulting on migrating enterprise applications and the subsequent implementation of the software distribution in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft's Cloud platform.

Software distribution in the Cloud supports the installation of software, its maintenance and the so-called patch management. Especially the patch management creates new challenges for IT administrators: for example, the rapid testing of new updates and patches – also safety-related patches – and their distribution in the company network.

The individual software application and systems can be automatically and centrally administered, maintained and updated in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The installations run hardware independently and updates can be distributed quickly and efficiently.

The company IT has a unified administrative interface at its disposal.

Companies profit from the central installation and identity services as well as seamless integration with the extant infrastructure. The usual effort for the first installation, configuration and maintenance or each workstation is thereby eliminated.

Additionally the administrators get an overview of the licenses in use. In this way the software distribution supports the license management of the IT and simplifies the daily work of administrators.

Companies thereby significantly save time and resources, which can be utilized for future IT projects. Besides this, the company IT is helped to quickly react to changing business requirements with software distribution over the browser.