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The international music distributor REBEAT Digital relies on content management system from Noxum

Generate revenue with music content

In the digital world, it is no longer major corporations alone that decide which music is put on the market or gets into the charts. New technologies enable new business models: Even small groups can now sell their music with regulated rights and promote it professionally through the music distributor REBEAT Digital. The content management system from Noxum is used to operate the website and distribution platform

Würzburg, February 02, 2012 – Noxum GmbH, the specialist for content management and editorial systems, has deployed Noxum Publishing Studio at REBEAT Digital GmbH, the pioneering company for quick and easy digital music distribution.

The artist is king

REBEAT Digital's business model centers around the needs of its customers, namely the artists themselves. The REBEAT Digital software enables all bands, musicians, producers, publishers or labels to offer their own music for sale in more than 300 online music stores worldwide in just a few clicks. Individual songs are uploaded via the software and are then available for 3 to 30 days to well-known stores like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Musicload, Napster, Beatport or JunoDownload, where anyone can download them or play them as a stream for a charge. What special about this is that small groups can afford the software and benefit from the virtual distribution channel with regulated rights to their music. Apart from digital distribution, REBEAT VertriebsgmbH & Co KG offers physical distribution of CDs and DVDs in Austria and Germany.

Managing music content

REBEAT Digital's online distribution portal is supported by the content management system Noxum Publishing Studio. Connected directly to the database, the online site always supplies all the very latest product information. A steady increase in new contracts with artists and record companies means that the repertoire keeps on growing and changing, and the range of music content continues to expand.

Visitors to the website gain quick and easy access to music content in the "Artist Camp" area. They can search specifically for their favorite music and contact the artist indirectly. Especially for radio promotion, officially licensed radio and TV stations can download the files directly from the website using personalized access data. Titles are offered for downloading in various formats. In addition to the music files, all metadata and promotion details, such as band biographies, photos and contact details, are also available. REBEAT Digital distributes the music content to the online portals. As a result, artists can also present themselves outside the portal in well-known stores and market their music there.

Noxum's content management system was the ideal choice, particularly with regard to technology concepts, the demands placed on the required interfaces and integration of the product database. Another persuasive argument was that the content management and editorial system is designed for use in different areas of a company. In the future, REBEAT Digital also plans to deploy Noxum Publishing Studio in the field of technical documentation to create manuals for the REBEAT Digital software.

About REBEAT Digital

REBEAT Digital GmbH was founded by Günter Loibl in Tulln, Austria, in 2006. The REBEAT Digital distribution software has been on the market since the fall of 2007 and gives all musicians a quick and easy means of distributing digital music directly from their home or office computer. REBEAT Digital currently supplies more than 300 download shops worldwide and cooperates with more than 3,000 labels and artists from 72 countries – and growing!