Noxum GmbH in the cloud: Stiftung Warentest uses services and solutions for the cloud from Noxum.

Ready to cope with surges in visitors

Consumer organization Stiftung Warentest set itself the aim of getting its website ready to cope with ever increasing numbers of visitors. The intention was that server capacity can be increased as necessary to meet future requirements but without incurring additional costs for operating and procuring hardware. Stiftung Warentest opted to move to the cloud and now uses cloud services from Noxum.

Würzburg, February 28, 2013 – Noxum GmbH, the specialist for content management and provider of cloud solutions, was enlisted by Stiftung Warentest to move to the cloud. Windows Azure Cloud, a solution meeting the latest security standards, was selected for this purpose.

Web technology from Noxum has been used to run for years now. As a provider of cloud services, Noxum has experience of carrying out major projects using Windows Azure Cloud and is one of a number of selected Microsoft Windows Azure Circle Partners.

For the startup project Stiftung Warentest decided to initially outsource the website and the associated databases in the cloud. Following a test phase for parts of, Noxum moved the entire website and the services involved to the cloud, rendering it fail-safe and highly available at all times.

Stiftung Warentest is now able to reduce its costs on a large scale. The server operating costs are now lower and a large part of the administration costs no longer apply. In the future, no further investment costs for hardware and licenses will be incurred, as only the server capacities actually used will be billed.

Stiftung Warentest’s plan has clearly paid off. It can take advantage of dynamically scalable server capacities as well as significantly reduced costs. Other cloud projects are set to follow on a gradual basis. For example, many of the back-office systems for producing the website will also be moved to the cloud on a step-by-step basis.