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Editor for directed import of object data into the PIM and content management system Noxum Publishing Studio

Perfecting catalog creation

To start the catalog production at the push of a button, all product data must be consistently edited and managed in a central system. For this the information about the products being offered are to be gathered from various sources. An editor offers the data import and the preparation of the data in the PIM und content management system Noxum Publishing Studio.

Würzburg, January 22, 2016 – Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and editorial systems, has developed special editors for data exchange of Noxum Publishing Studio with third-party systems. These tools are of great interest to companies in the catalog production, since the information about the individual products mostly stem from different systems and are held in different formats.

Noxum Object Data Import Editor

The Noxum Object Data Import Editor is used for importing PIM data from Excel or SQL data sources into the PIM and content management system Noxum Publishing Studio. The definition of the data volume of the import and the import itself are controlled by this. The imported data is created or updated in Noxum Publishing Studio as object data, such as for example, objects, feature values, object relations or meta data on object relations.

Functional features – a selection

  • Excel input columns can for example, be assigned to certain features in Noxum Publishing Studio and values, language variants, units, as well as meta data can be modelled with the settings in objects of the “Object Data Import” type.
  • Excel files can also be manually imported, e.g. for the initial data transfer or for product and price data which stem from country branches.
  • The preview option shows how the current settings would affect the data in the system. That enables the user to control the behavior in cases of conflict.

Benefits for companies

With this solution Noxum supports companies in their multichannel-marketing strategies – the PIM and content management system offers comprehensive product information for the desired output media and sales channel – the data from various sources is administered centrally in this system, can be enriched by other information and is available for publication in electronic catalogs, internet shops or in paper catalogs. This reduces the process costs significantly – starting with the catalog production through the sales and into the servicing.

For more information interested persons may contact the Noxum Team and for example, receive the whitepaper to the Noxum Object Data Import Editor.