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Rapidly Create Large and Complex PDF Documents

PDF as a Service from Noxum Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Companies have different requirements for generating PDFs. For example they offer interested persons PDF content generation on their website as an additional service or they must generate large numbers of PDFs for their catalogs. With PDF as a Service from Noxum companies can relieve their IT infrastructure of additional load during PDF generation and profit from a usage-based charging model.

Wuerzburg, July 15, 2015 – Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and editing systems, is announcing that its PDF as a Service (PDFaaS) is now available in the Azure Marketplace. Noxum presented its PDFaaS at CeBIT 2015, showing companies how they can profit from software as a service in Microsoft Azure.

“With the PDFaaS from Noxum, companies can use the advantages of software as a service in Azure, that is, deploy rapidly, relieve their IT infrastructure and limit costs with usage-oriented price models based on actual use.” – Michael Stegmann, CEO, Noxum GmbH.

PDF – Final product or interim format

PDF is very common: it can be the final product or an interim format between the digital world of the web and the analog world of paper. It is also used differently – it is read on screen or printed – besides that, it can be simple or complex, for example, having a table index, nested enumerations, footnotes, or vector graphics.

For instance, if an extensive PDF product catalog with high-resolution images must be generated, the IT infrastructure can be enormously strained. Companies using the PDFaaS from Noxum no longer have to consider that: The SaaS does not strain the company's own IT resources and according to the price model costs are incurred only for the level of the service actually used.

PDF as a Service – The lean solution for PDF publishing

PDFaaS from Noxum enables easy generation of professional PDF documents from HTML or XSL-FO. Companies can thereby offer the generation of PDF from web content as a service, e.g. simply over "Print as PDF".

The service is called by passing the URL of the HTML page or by an HTTP upload and returns then the contents of the source as a PDF document. For professional publishing purposes, the PDFaaS API from Noxum is called by passing an XSL-FO file to the service.

PDFaaS has implemented many of the features of Azure, including Microsoft Azure Storage, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, and Microsoft Azure Service Bus, to deliver this solution to customers.

“We’re delighted with the addition of PDF as a Service from Noxum to the Azure Marketplace,” said Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure. “Customers are looking for efficient ways to communicate, so using cloud solutions like Noxum’s PDF as a Service, and paying only for the level of services actually used, helps their bottom line.”

Offer – Test PDFaaS

Companies can test the PDF as a Service from Noxum free of charge either through the Azure Marketplace or simply by making contact with Noxum.