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Effective information management for the modern business world

NovaDB from Noxum is more than a tool; it is the foundation for informed decision-making and a comprehensive solution to the challenges of the modern business world. Discover how NovaDB can support every area of your business.

Würzburg, September 26, 2023 - Noxum GmbH, specialist for information management solutions introduces: In the ever-changing business world, effective information management is crucial. NovaDB, developed by Noxum, is a powerful platform that meets this challenge. It goes beyond traditional information management by breaking down isolated data silos and combining multiple data sources to provide a comprehensive view of your information.

Modeling: Tailored solutions for your business 

NovaDB's modeling capability simplifies your work with preconfigured application packages that can be individually selected to meet your needs. Whether you need product information management (PIM), technical documentation, website management or e-commerce, specific solutions are available. NovaDB also enables customized business modeling in the shortest possible time by working with qualified partners or internal consultants. Thus, NovaDB acts as a central tool for customizing your data and information landscape.

Capture: Intuitive integration of information and assets 

NovaDB, an advanced headless CMS, is based on the MACH architecture and aims to optimize business processes through smooth data transfer. It supports both automated (API-based) and manual data import processes, including an Excel plugin. It also allows manual input of individual content to ensure efficient content integration and management.

Editing: Efficiently manage and maintain your content. 

Once content is entered into NovaDB, it provides extensive management tools such as search screens, tree structures, Kanban boards and automated jobs for effective workflow processes. NovaDB assists with adding missing details, translations and classification. It enables the use of multiple data sources for an integrative view of information. AI tools such as GPT and DeepL perform content generation, multilingual translation, and complex analytics.

Deployment: Extracting content and integrating it into business processes 

After all processes have been run through, NovaDB offers various ways to derive the data, information, content and digital assets. Whether through the powerful Delivery API, which provides content via documented REST or GraphQL interfaces, or through supported formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, BMEcat - NovaDB ensures that content is available exactly where it is needed. Automated jobs even enable direct integration with systems such as SAP, ensuring seamless transfer and integration.

Options and partnerships

Discover the possibilities of a "Nova Driven Business" for your goals. Whether as a company or partner in projects. For more information about NovaDB and how it can help your projects become more effective and efficient, please contact us directly.