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New publication sheds light on the integration of Excel into modern PIM systems

The Importance of Well-Known Software Tools in Content Management and PIM – An Examination Using Excel as an Example

The latest article by our Senior IT Consultant in the area of PIM and Technical Communication, Volker Römisch, discusses the need to integrate familiar software tools into modern content management and product information management systems. Using Excel as an example, he will show how companies can become more efficient and productive through integration, especially with NovaDB's Excel add-in.

Würzburg, September 13, 2023 – Noxum GmbH, a specialist in content management and editorial systems, recommends the latest article by its expert, Volker Römisch, Noxum GmbH, to all its partners and interested parties who want to take a close look at the optimization and integration of software tools in the field of product information management.

The right tools are crucial for success in today's business world. Many companies are already using well-known and widely used software tools to ensure that workflows run smoothly. In this context, our latest article discusses the importance of integrating familiar tools, such as Excel, with modern content management and PIM systems.

Excel has been a staple and familiar environment for data management for decades. In many companies, especially in content management and PIM, the use of Excel for maintaining and mapping product data is very common and "indispensable" for many teams. But how can this familiar environment be integrated into modern systems without compromising efficiency?

NovaDB's Excel add-in shows how integration can be seamlessly implemented. By being able to work in the familiar Excel environment, employees can maintain their usual workflows while benefiting from the add-in's advanced features. The article emphasizes that such integrations not only facilitate workflow, but can also increase productivity throughout the organization.