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Easily fill dealer portals using the standardized exchange format BMEcat

Mastering E-Business

Especially manufacturers with a wide product range are challenged when it comes to rapid and cost-efficiently providing dealer portals in several languages and with country-specific product ranges. Noxum Publishing Studio supports them with interface options of exchange formats for online portals.

Würzburg, June 28, 2019 – Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and editorial systems, supports the BMEcat catalog standard for e-business with its PIM system.

Manufacturers often use the BMEcat exchange format to create electronic catalogs for retailers and to deploy electronic marketplaces. Manufacturers with a wide range of products then particularly benefit.

BMEcat is an XML-based standardized exchange format for catalog data in the B2B area. Publication processes are supported by the Noxum PIM system. It supports BMEcat versions 2005 and 2005.1. Manufacturers can then present their professional product data on many dealer portals.

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