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Digital strategies for your customers' web experience, cost and security aspects with Gatsby

Invitation to the web expert talk on 24. May 2022 – Live Webinar

We are continuing the series of strategic expert discussions with web topics. For the first web talk we could win Luke Bivens, Gatsby Inc. In his presentation, he looks at strategic decisions regarding the web experience, shows use cases in the field of eCommerce and discusses them

Würzburg, April 21, 2022 – Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and editorial systems, invites interested parties across all industries to a series of expert discussions, this time with guest speaker Luke Bivens, Gatsby Inc. Gatsby is supported by the Gatsby community and Gatsby, the company. It is the fast and flexible framework for building websites with any CMS, API or database.

Web experience in the context of eCommerce is a burning topic today. It's important to know how to generate more revenue with existing and future customers – prevent revenue losses – deliver segment offerings and packages in new ways, and reduce risk with new product launches. It means getting started quickly and easily building a remarkable digital experience.

Our guest speaker Luke Bivens, Gatsby, Inc, knows how to take advantage of technology that scales instantly to traffic spikes, protects data from traditional server-side vulnerabilities, and provides visitors with an ultra-fast experience.

In the expert discussion, answers will be given to the questions:

  • Why use Gatsby, what pains can Gatsby solve?
  • What is the difference to the "old way" without Gatsby?
  • What are the limits of Gatsby?
  • Where and how is Gatsby already used / Use cases

Benefit from the know-how of the experts and register now for a free expert discussion! – The expert discussion will take place in English.