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How the Noxum Publishing Studio editorial system brings together technical documentation, sales, service and support

Global information management for industrial companies

Faced with shorter product life cycles and rapidly growing product portfolios, industrial companies must optimize their processes for creating technical information products. When doing so, they are supported by a universal information architecture which then enables them to link existing content from the areas of service, training and technical documentation. Noxum's content management and PIM system provides information management for solutions of this type.

Würzburg, October 18, 2012 – Noxum GmbH, the specialist for content management and editorial systems, is supporting its industrial customers with software systems for global information management. The concepts and functions include producing, managing and publishing all standard documentation and other information products such as data sheets, specifications, product catalogs, training materials or operating manuals.

Producing cross-departmental content

With Noxum's content management and PIM system, all departments that play a role in the production process are able to maintain product content. Those involved include technical documentation editors, product managers, marketing and training personnel, developers and service technicians. The advantage lies in the fact that the data are maintained where they are created. This provides a good basis for high data quality.

The data collected are made available to the various target systems. The system also supports largely automated publication in the relevant target formats. This information architecture allows the current information product requirements from the technical documentation, sales, service and support departments to be implemented.

The outstanding features of the editorial system are its user-friendliness and how it transparently links the information modules. Thanks to options for reusing existing content from technical documentation, e.g. for producing training or marketing documents, companies can achieve significant synergy effects.

End-to-end information management

The software technology from Noxum provides the basis for end-to-end information management in companies. This brings together functions and possibilities from the areas of PIM, CMS, publishing, translation management and ERP in a single, highly-integrated software solution. As a result, information products can be created, managed and published for the various markets in a targeted, automated manner from each of a company's separate sites.

Thanks to modern, networked IT systems and Noxum's in-depth project know-how, industrial companies are able to build up scalable medium and long-term information architectures. Within the IT landscape of the company or group, these then form the basis for successful product communication on the global market.