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How Companies Achieve Synergy Effects from the Technical Documentation for Service 4.0 and Training.

Digital Learning Media from the Content Management System?

Considering the increasing importance of aftersales, companies are also required to further develop training for service employees and customers. Digital learning applications, which provide users with tailor-made packages, are being increasingly used here. How can learning content be efficiently created, managed, published and what actually is SCORM?

Würzburg, 17. April 2018 – Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and authoring systems, implemented the scenario "Creation of eLearning materials" for a customer. For this the content management system Noxum Publishing Studio was complemented by an optional eLearning application profile. Editing staff can thereby create digital learning media such as, e.g., classical web-based training or material for Blended Learning scenarios.

Requirements of Learning Media Editors

Digital learning media and technical documentation have an array of mutual requirements: So e.g. versioning, a high structuring level in the contents, and the flexible reuse of building blocks. It therefore makes sense to supplement content management tools from the realm of technical documentation with support for specific eLearning features: This includes particularly support for the SCORM standard

What is SCORM?

The SCORM standard (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) describes, how reusable learning objects are structured. It describes mechanisms to exchange, reuse and combine learning modules produced by various manufacturers. SCORM compatible learning contents should function in all SCORM compatible learning platforms.

Synergy effects from the technical documentation

The technical implementation of digital learning media with Noxum Publishing Studio builds upon clearly structured processes and the reuse of the contents.

The learning media editorial staff receive access to all functionality of a professional content management system. These include fundamental CMS features like workflow management, versions- and variant management, search, rights management or translation management. This also includes above all, the possibility of accessing during the design of learning media, all text and image contents as well as PIM product data of Noxum Publishing Studio.

During the publication of the contents, Noxum Publishing Studio automatically creates the required metadata and package structures of the SCORM standard. These contents can then be edited in every SCORM compatible eLearning platform without any modifications.