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Editing system from Noxum used to create content for the news agency of Deutsche Börse, in the Microsoft-Cloud

Collaboration express

Information relevant to capital markets is a decisive factor for traders, financial analysts and investment consultants. Market News International creates and publishes financial news. The worldwide collaboration in news creation was improved through the publishing system from Noxum, implemented in the Microsoft Cloud.

Würzburg, June 05, 2014 – Noxum GmbH, a specialist for content management and publishing systems, has integrated the operation of its Publishing Studio with Microsoft Azure for the financial news agency Market News International (MNI), a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse AG.

MNI is the leading provider of news and background information for the global foreign exchange and fixed income markets, providing critical real-time insight for market professionals. The news – e. g. key economic data and insight on market movements - is distributed over various channels such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, to financial market professionals worldwide.

It was necessary to optimize the news creation process to cope with ever increasing requirements within a competitive news market. Rather than using various editing tools to create the news, the Noxum publishing system offers role, release, change and versioning concepts to the documents.

Noxum’s publishing system implemented in Microsoft Azure unifies the news creation process, enabling both online and offline production in a process-safe environment. MNI journalists collaborate worldwide according to defined workflows, exchanging and classifying information, as well as coordinating its release with the international editing team.

"Noxum’s publishing system provides us with a standardized publishing and collaboration system for our reporters around the world. Microsoft Azure also made it very fast to create and deploy the system without requiring any additional infrastructure,” explained Willard Korfhage, CTO from Market News International.

MNI benefits from the cost-effectiveness and efficiency offered by the Cloud solution from Microsoft to meet their demands for fast computing power and performance without investing in their own infrastructure. A further advantage of the Cloud solution is its great flexibility, which allows MNI to react quickly and easily to market changes and adjust the system to the current demands of the market.