Noxum GmbH

Professional Content Management System Meets Office®

Build Bridges with Noxum Office® Integration

Use the advantages of professional PIM and a Content Management System and Office® applications! Noxum Office® Integration builds the bridge.

Würzburg, 27. Februar 2019 – Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and authoring systems, supports content provisioning from Noxum Publishing Studio for Office® applications with the web application Noxum Office® Integration.

  • On the one hand, contents of Noxum Publishing Studio, also including images and feature values, can be easily placed in Office® applications.
  • Besides this, contents from Office® applications, e.g. PowerPoint®, can be provided to Noxum Publishing Studio for translation and can be exported again to the corresponding application.

The users can thereby take advantage of the professional content management system for Office® applications.

We gladly inform you over the capabilities, supported formats and the user interface of Noxum Office® Integration. Simply contact us at!