Noxum GmbH

Chatbot powered by NovaDB uses advanced natural language processing technology GPT.

AI-based chatbot for HR departments

The chatbot is designed to serve as a central information hub to help new employees with any questions they may have about their workplace. Whether it's about the time recording system, employee benefits or the right contact person, the chatbot can provide contextual answers at any time and facilitate access to the knowledge they are looking for. For existing staff, the chatbot is a contact point for refreshing company-relevant knowledge and learning new things.

Würzburg, Germany, May 9, 2023 – Noxum GmbH, a specialist in content management and editorial systems, is implementing a new AI-based chatbot to support HR departments in onboarding new employees. The chatbot offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows employees to easily acquire knowledge on demand and at their own pace.

The HR chatbot can collect and analyse anonymous employee queries ata from employee queries to gain insights into common issues or concerns. This information can be used to improve HR policies and increase employee satisfaction.

The chatbot is suitable for almost any company that wants to optimise its onboarding processes and give its new employees a good start. For HR departments, the chatbot can be an effective solution to simplify the onboarding of new employees, provide individual support to new and existing staff, and free up HR resources.

Interested companies are welcome to contact the Noxum KI team to learn more about the possibilities and benefits of the chatbot: