Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG Case Report

System commissioned according to plan, project complete

A migration project for a central editorial system at Walter de Gruyter and its imprint subsidiary.

Noxum GmbH - an ideal partner to the publishing house

The Walter de Gruyter publishing house chose the Noxum Publishing Studio as its new content management system. With its range of specialist products, Noxum was the perfect candidate to plan, operate and oversee the publishing house's central editorial system.

The facility to store a wide range of titles in structured XML form, to interlink these titles, and to update them on an ongoing basis with a view to publishing them at any time in print, online or via mobile devices played an important part in this decision. The publishing house already uses the Noxum Publishing Studio to manage various medical, linguistic and theological works. The initial project is now complete and work has already begun on the first of various other titles.

The aims of the project

  • In the future, a single system should be able to meet the needs of both internal and external editorial teams working on a variety of book types.
  • Any current flaws in the system which slow down working procedures or incur additional expense should be rectified.
  • In future, those responsible (whether they be internal editorial teams or external authors) should be able to create and manage content using this system alone, i.e. without the use of external "auxiliary databases".
  • The complete content life cycle – from the moment the content is created until it is published – should be free from media discontinuities.
  • The CMS should considerably reduce editorial and production costs as well as production times, whilst improving the quality of the products.
  • Redundant processes such as maintaining external literature databases, lists of sigla or directories of abbreviations and tracking corrections should be replaced.[...]

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