Noxum Plugin for Adobe® InDesign®

Direct access from Adobe® InDesign® to Noxum Publishing Studio

Content before Layout vs. Layout before Content – just as the layouter likes it

The Noxum plugin for Adobe® InDesign® enables designers from ad agencies, printeries, publishers, or marketing departments to combine valid data from the editing system with custom layouts directly in InDesign®.

The implementation of Noxum plugin for Adobe® InDesign® equips the layout program with the functions by which the user can directly access all text and image content of Noxum Publishing Studio from within InDesign® and still maintain the control over the layout and the typography. The users can work as usual in InDesign®. By means of the Noxum plugin, functions can be called with which images and text contents can be found in Noxum Publishing Studio and inserted in the layout program.

If Noxum Publishing Studio has been extended with PIM components, the users can access product data and, for example, insert article properties in InDesign®. Properties are often displayed in tables, which also can be placed on InDesign® pages. If the images, text contents or product data change in the editing system, the frame contents of the corresponding InDesign® documents can be automatically updated with all the changes. The language can also be exchanged at the push of a button.

In this way printed products like flyers, brochures, posters, catalogs, package inserts, etc. can be produced in all variants, just-in-time with greater process security in Adobe® InDesign®.


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