Microsoft Azure Cloud Consulting

Certified Microsoft Partner for Microsoft Azure

As service provider and software supplier Noxum positions itself with clear solution concepts in Microsoft Azure. Noxum is one of the leading certified and recognized companies in the realm of Microsoft Azure in the DACH markets.

Certified Cloud-Experts

Consulting on Microsoft Azure solutions

Many companies must consolidate information from diverse enterprise software systems like e.g. ERP, PIM, CMS or CRM and then delivery it reliably in global markets. We provide server components and administrative tools for strategic, even global information management which optimally support the advantages of the Platform as a Service approach of Microsoft Azure.
In our wording we speak of content and data hubs providing the secure link between the protected IT infrastructure and the Azure Cloud.

Individualized software development for customers in online and mobile realms

Noxum has gathered great experience in implementing large Cloud computing projects especially with the Microsoft Azure and its Platform as a Service concept. In addition to application development itself, this pertains to migration of legacy systems as well as the global distribution of content and data.
The implementation of customer-specific online and mobile applications for the Azure Cloud round off the service offer. Our service is focussed especially on companies and enterprises requiring complex and highly performant software applications to make business processes scalable and costing predictable.


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