Noxum PIM Complete - Overview

Product information management - enterprise-wide with a single system

Transparency and process reliability through system-supported creation, administration and target group-specific publication of product information.

Consistent and valid product information requires a high degree of transparency and process reliability in its creation, management and publication. Therefore, in the PIM system Noxum PIM complete the areas of product information management, content management, and multi-channel publishing/commerce merge into a single software interface.

Task-related editors

The Noxum PIM complete comes with a range of flexible content and structure editors such as attribute, object value, data grid editors, as well as various objects and attribute trees. With these tools editors, product managers, etc., can edit job-related product data, attributes and attribute values through an intuitive graphical interface and centrally administer attribute values and product relationships.

Distributed data and editorial processes

To provide greater process reliability, the Noxum PIM complete has been complemented with content management functions. These components assume the editorial tasks, such as the workflow and version-based editing, correction and approval of structured and unstructured content. The big advantage: because of the integrated XML approach of the Noxum solution, all product information must be maintained only once. The content thus created is available interdepartmentally to all process participants for media-specific output.

Printed and digital publications

Noxum PIM complete is equipped with a number of publishers for the targeted output of media-independent product information in the respective publication channels. The different channels can be supplied from a central data source with the same quality of information while accounting for the specific layout characteristics of each channel. In addition, Noxum PIM complete allows the optimal presentation of product information for each channel, including added value features, such as specially prepared search results, product finder, and product comparisons.


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