Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Information Management with the Noxum Publishing Studio

Shortened product life cycles and increasing product diversification present considerable challenges when it comes to managing product information.

Efficient PIM solutions provide an integrated view of the product information available in heterogeneous system environments and the way in which this information is networked. Modern PIM systems manage product information using reliable processes and integrate information, content, data and services. Using open interfaces and the XML format as the "lingua franca" when exchanging information across all processes, PIM solutions provide the ideal basis for sales and publication processes. Noxum GmbH has responded to these needs by developing the Noxum Publishing Studio – a high-performance system which consolidates the areas of content management and product information management.

Distributed data and editorial processes

Information is produced as a result of product development, construction, product marketing and sales activities, and some of it is stored in databases and merchandise management systems. If product information in stock systems is available in a usable form, it must nevertheless be brought together. During this process of consolidation, it is usually necessary to either qualify the existing information further or to generate new information. In both cases, the Noxum Publishing Studio provides an ideal central tool for producing, consolidating and structuring data as well as for generating various target formats.

The Noxum Publishing Studio's open editor concept takes into account the project-specific requirements relating to actual editorial and review processes. Not only does it allow the use of rich clients, it also makes it possible to develop customer-specific editors for optimally processing information units. When consolidating data, the Noxum Publishing Studio relies on interface standards, though without neglecting the specific characteristics of the particular data source. This approach ensures the greatest possible individuality and sustainability.


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