Web Apps - Overview

Greater usability through platform and device independence

Noxum is your full-service provider for consulting and implementation of your web apps.

Web apps are browser-based programs, which can be executed in the browser of a smartphone or tablet. When a web app is used it is either completely or partially loaded from the Internet. An Internet connection is necessary to use the full functionality of the application.

Web apps are oriented to use with a browser and for this reason offer a simplified navigation. Web-based applications use standard web technologies and generally run on all mobile devices which contain a web browser like Safari, Internet Explorer Mini, and Opera Mini. Another attribute of a web app is that to use them no installation is necessary on the smartphone.

The distribution is vastly simplified since no connection with a certain app store is needed. The corresponding app can be called comfortably over a URL and executed. Users can, on their way, for example, simply and easily call apps for train schedules, RSS readers, newspapers, etc.

Do you want to provide your customers in the future daily with current information? Do you want to grant them efficient and uncomplicated access to it? Contact us! We will develop the appropriate app for you.


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