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From a publisher to an information broker

If new, content-based sales models are to be set up quickly, it is important to use XML and put a service-oriented architecture in place.

Content Hub - Noxum Publisher Solutions

Publishers have a high level of publishing and journalistic know-how, recognized brands and attractive content. Despite this, the publishing branch suffers declining turnover both in print media and in the classical internet.

Rich online offering and high availability through the mobile web

Responsible are primarily the mobile internet and the associated output media and channels. The reading public consumes information and publisher's products like books, magazines and newspapers preferably in digital formats. Due to new media like the iPad, Kindle or smartphones these are always available - everywhere, current and personalized. In addition content from blogs, apps, Twitter, YouTube and social networks like Facebook or Google+ and the resultant on-demand mentality of the consumers creates meanwhile a direct competitor to the publisher's content.

New concepts in publishing

New digital products, functions and process innovations are required to withstand this competition. Therefore it is important to intelligently manage high-value edited content and to prepare it so that it is personalized across the various media and the associated output channels can thereby be profitably marketed. Then only a clear focus on the customer benefits and the networking of the social media with the classical products of the publishing world permit deriving new business ideas and product forms from the current needs and motives of the customers.

Millions in sales due to multichannel publishing

Already today our customers develop and sell their products based on the experience, concepts and solutions from Noxum. Beyond this, the use of our content management software Noxum Publishing Studio as central content hub for professional multichannel publishing and efficient multichannel sales assures our customers of an increasing number of subscribers and consequently leads to greater sales growth.


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