Native Apps - Overview

Personalized apps für iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Noxum is your full service provider for consulting, realization and placement of native apps.

Native apps are programs which are specially developed for a specific user device in a particular operating system as, e.g. iOS, Android or Windows Phone. For the successful deployment of native apps it is necessary to know in detail the specifics of the various user device types. Only in this way is it possible to implement solutions tailored to the target groups based on the corresponding features of the user device. The propagation of the app is done through the app stores of the corresponding operating system such as Apples App Store, Androids or Windows Phone Marketplace. There they can be obtained either free of charge or fee-based, downloaded, installed and finally used on the device.

Here is where our consulting and solution concept begins. We analyze your special needs, provide direct help with the choice of the appropriate user device type and flexibly develop your app. After completion you set the sales price and we place this in the corresponding app store.


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