Bundling native and web-based functions in an app

Noxum is your full service provider for consulting, realization and placement of hybrid apps.

Hybrid apps bundle the advantages and functions of web apps and native apps in a single application. The hybrid apps are thereby based on mobile web sites. These are adapted to the handling and interface of individual user devices by means of the integrative native app. Die adaptation of the native part permits a continuously optimal application operation. The web-based part continuously provides current content, which can in turn be connected to a content management system like Noxum Publishing Studio.

The hybrid application is a relatively new, but nonetheless interesting part of the mobile web. The advantages of the mobile and native applications can be efficiently combined by using it and impressive results can be achieved.

Exactly here is where Noxum begins: Our experienced project managers support you in the decision, which components of the application fit better into the native part and which components in the web part. Noxum concerns itself with the perfect interaction of both parts and the optimal adaptation to all common user device types.


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