Noxum Workflow Service - Process

Simple and efficient IT-workflow management

From upload of the Assembly Set through the detailed analysis of the edited Process with only a few clicks.



  • Assembly Sets, that consist of Activities, are uploaded to the service.
  • New versions of extant Assembly Sets can be created at any time, without halting the service. In this way seamless transitions can be made despite external changes.


  • The Activities of an Assembly Set are read. Process Templates can be created from them.
  • Input parameters (e.g. schedules, triggers, parallel processes, retries, etc.) can be set as needed.
  • Default parameters can be used to preset standard values (Exchange Server /databases / email addresses).
  • There is the possibility to configure the Templates anytime. The service will use the new values the next time the process is triggered.


  • Detailed analysis of error messages, system resource consumption, tracing, and tracking are permanently available.
  • Process parameters can be individually set.

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