Noxum Website Publisher - Features


  • Professional multisite management
  • Open for Web 2.0 applications
  • Support for rich Internet applications, HTML5 or CSS3
  • Integration of social media & social networks
  • Inclusion of external content as well as user generated content
  • Support of landing pages
  • Construction of enterprise-wide Intranet platforms

Publish contents

  • Generation of target group specific and multilingual content
  • Worldwide content replication
  • Inclusion of customer-specific templates
  • Output of RSS feeds
  • Support of Web to PDF publishing
  • Output of content to various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.


  • Online shop integration with shoppng cart function, address input, shipping costs, payment type, overview, confirmation
  • Project-specific inclusion and integration of payment services for micro and macropayment
  • Website teaser, such as e.g. most purchased items, offer of the month, etc.
  • Customer login with defined customer profile
  • Customer-specific display of product options depending on customer login
  • Possibility of deriving partner shops


  • Globally available registration form
  • Access control
  • Support of ADDS and LDAP
  • IP protection
  • Single Sign-On functions
  • Support for the “Double-Opt-In” process
  • User management with functions like forget password, etc.
  • Protected website for critical content
  • Encrypted communication with SSL

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