Noxum Smart Techdoc Solution - Overview

Smart editorial system as a service (SaaS)

Professional creating, managing, and publishing of technical documentation in the cloud with low investment risk and high security for the future.

The Noxum Smart Techdoc solution is the fast track for technical editors to a professional editorial system. There no expenses are caused by hardware and software procurement, and maintenance. Companies can directly provide the technical documentation with a content management system. They take full advantage of what cloud computing provides today, and get the content management system Noxum publishing Studio as software as a service.

With the Noxum Smart Techdoc solution companies are equipped for the increased requirements: an editorial office at distributed locations can work with the Noxum smart Techdoc solution as well as external, participating service providers. They achieve the major goal: consistent communication of structured content in different languages in different formats on different output channels.

Noxum Smart Techdoc solution - the smart content management software!


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