Noxum PIM Complete - Features

Product Information Management

  • Creation of product portfolios
  • Configuration of customer-specific metadata and attributes
  • Referencing of information units
  • Compilation, editing and comparison of mass data
  • Complex and simple inheritance of attributes and attribute values
  • Visual differentiation of inheritance states
  • Clear tree view of product relationships
  • Usage list to determine if and where an attribute has been used
  • Automatic conversion of units

Data consolidation

  • Media-neutral and central data storage for output in various formats
  • Consolidation of product information
  • Connection with ERP systems like Baan, Microsoft Dynamics, proALPHA, SAP, System i, etc.
  • Data communication and synchronization by means of standard exchange formats XML, ETIM, eCl@ss, BMEcat, proficl@ss, UNSPSC
  • Process safety through integrated workflow system

Content Management

  • Comfortable search- and filter functions
  • Reuse of relevant data
  • Central and media-neutral administration of photos, images, music and video files, etc.
  • Individually configurable role and rights management for object and actions
  • Internationalization of product data
  • Integrated terminology and translation management

Multichannel Publishing

  • Communication channels: print catalogs, electronic catalogs, Web-Portale, online shops, mobile devices, technical documentation
  • Publication formats: Adobe® InDesign, Adobe® PDF, Adobe® FrameMaker, Microsoft® Word, XML, HTML, etc.
  • Integrated Media Asset Management functions
  • Optional: automatic conversion of images to a required image format like GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, WMF, EPS, PSD, SVG, PDF
  • Optional: Integrated layout editor for system side changes to Adobe® InDesign templates

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