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Noxum Remote Support with TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a Desktop Sharing Software for remote administration, online presentations and file transfer, which can work across NAT as well as proxy servers.

Secure Connection

TeamViewer works with complete encryption based on the AES (256 Bit) session encoding and RSA public/private key exchange. This technology, also used by https/SSL, is secure according today's technology standards. Since the private key never leaves the client computer, this technology ensures that intermediate computers in the internet cannot decrypt the data stream; this applies also to the TeamViewer routing server.

Important additional functions like file transfer require an additional, manual confirmation from the user. Beyond this, it is generally not possible to control a computer without being noticed since the user is informed about the access.

1. Download the TeamViewer Client directly from our specific TeamViewer page. The download will start automatically.

2. Execute the TeamViewer Client.exe. You need neither to install the application nor to have administrator privileges.

3. A window opens with your TeamViewer ID. Let us know this ID, so that we can start the remote session. The seesion can be ended at any time by clicking on cancel.


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