Noxum Workflow Service

Product videos on workflow management over web application locally or in the Cloud

The administrative effort in IT workflows is great. One reason for this is that workflows including their supporting services are frequently administered decentrally. In this connection a tool is needed which centralizes the configuration, control and monitoring of the processes. For this reason Noxum developed the Noxum Workflow Service.

Würzburg, September 4, 2013 - Noxum GmbH expands its offerings in the realm of business process management (BPM). The software concept arose over the years as part of a complete solution for well-known customers of content management and cross media publishing.

Now the product Noxum Workflow Service is offered as a stand-alone web application: either for installation for local installation or in the Microsoft Cloud. The product is controlled over an intuitive GUI. All IT processes across the enterprise can be coupled with the Noxum Workflow Service.

This service controls and monitors the process. Detailed analyses of error messages, system resource consumption, tracing and tracking are available in real time. Central monitoring and tracing shortens the reaction time of manual intervention.

Default parameters and process templates simplify the workflow administration. Priorities, automations, scheduling and other parameters are finely tuned in the process templates. Thus hardware resources can be delivered exactly as needed, projectable and evenly loaded.

To illustrate the functionality of the Noxum Workflow Service Noxum presents Product Videos on its website. Here a typical process from the realm of publishing is presented.


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