NürnbergMesse GmbH Case Report

Relaunch of web systems and enterprise content management

NürnbergMesse manages a total of 30 large websites via a single system.

By introducing the Noxum Publishing Studio, NürnbergMesse has put in place a central enterprise content management system for maintaining its websites. Data from NürnbergMesse's various web systems can now be brought together, maintained online and stored in a media-neutral manner. NürnbergMesse now manages a total of more than 30 large websites via a single system.

The aims of the project

  • To put in place a coherent system for managing data in a flexible, up-to-date-manner
  • To redesign its existing online services
  • To relocate its publication processes in-house
  • To integrate external content into its own web system

"Close relationships are built on trust. This trust results from the success and satisfaction of our customers. We therefore aim to win the trust of our customers through everything we do. To achieve this, we need fair-minded people who work together as partners and are committed to making our events a success."
NürnbergMesse GmbH



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