Case Report The Duttenhofer Group

Relaunch of online shop portals on the basis of the Noxum Publishing Studio

Each employee is finally able to concentrate on what they do best and the Noxum Publishing Studio links everything together.

The requirements

  • To produce content for the online shops in a media-neutral manner
  • To simplify the editing process
  • To put in place intelligent export functions for sending details of offers to all established price comparison sites
  • To individualize shop and structure design on the basis of customer-specific price lists
  • Integrated credit-card payments and hire purchase

The solution

  • Efficiently producing and maintaining product pages using the Noxum Publishing Studio
  • A multilingual, XML-based content management system with versioning and a highly automated publication system for web formats
  • Linking in the merchandise management system through integrated functions in the Noxum Publishing Studio
  • Integrating the CompuTop payment system to prevent payment failures for credit-card transactions
  • Managing customer profiles with data-export tools and shop management via the Noxum online shop portal
  • A modern server system based on the Microsoft .NET platform
  • Load-balanced, multiple servers for high performance and easy scalability



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