Case Report dSPACE GmbH - Overview

Structured information management with the Noxum Publishing Studio

Noxum's system implemented in accordance with dSPACE's requirements

The concept before an after

In order to satisfy its own quality requirements when producing and managing media-neutral data, dSPACE decided to replace its existing user documentation system based on Adobe® FrameMaker® with a universal, XML-based system. The information must be provided as PDF documents, online and in printed form as well.

A flexible, cross-media solution which allows product-relevant information to be produced in standardized form, managed centrally and published for specific target groups was needed. At the same time, the system must offer transparency and be future-proof. The Noxum Publishing Studio fit the bill inevery respect.

The aims of the project

  • For those responsible for the project, it was important to set up a high performance platform which would allow documents to be produced "at the push of a button" in the required formats.
  • A further aim of the project was to reduce management and quality-assurance outlay, guarantee link consistency, structure the documents clearly and make it easy to manage text modules.
  • The system should also make it easier to find information, create transparency when linking information modules and support a role concept with various levels of authorization.
  • Core features such as integrated management and quality-assurance functions, version management, variant management, reusability and universal document cross-reference management were also of relevance.[...]

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